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More chicken pictures likely to follow.

This post marks yet another attempt at blogging for me. Usually, I’ll start a blog and then it’ll die out soon after. What fate this one shall fall to I cannot yet tell. I will, however, tell you what I intend to write about: stuff.

I think. A lot. That doesn’t exactly set me apart from the crowd, but I do often find myself lying awake at night with Falloch or Palms playing in the background (I highly recommend checking them both out) with thoughts pinballing around my head incessantly. I’m sure many of you can sympathize. So I kept thinking about how I really ought to consider starting up a blog (again) to try and get thoughts down into one place. Some of my friends have been pretty active with their blogs lately, so that influenced me as well.

So here I am. Nothing special, just a spot on the internet where I can put stuff down be it everyday or once a month.

In the past, I mainly used blogs for the purpose of writing album reviews or about metal music. I may do that again and depending on how often I might go ahead and make a separate blog for it. But for now, reviews might just come in the form of a post that says “hey this band/artist is cool, check it out”, which is usually what my reviews are like anyway. Otherwise, most of what I put on here will just be my thoughts on all sorts of stuff.

If you do actually have an interest in reading about metal, I highly recommend heading over to Metal, where I write about everything from record sales to show reviews. This concludes my shameless plug.

Anyway, should I actually keep up with posts and not get lazy (though that is likely to happen at some point) I hope that should you choose to read them that you enjoy them and find them a suitable distraction for when you need to procrastinate.


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