The Good Bits: September 2017

Finally I got this edition of the Good Bits written. I’m sure you were all waiting with baited breath, clammy hands, and thoughts that I’d maybe given up writing this monthly post. And though it took me a while to get around to, I have a good reason for it, namely what I’d call the “Best Bit” of September 2017: I got married.


Two nights prior to the big day she demanded we go to a last minute showing of It, so you know she’s a keeper. I’m a happy man.



Paradise Lost, Medusa (Nuclear Blast)


I haven’t been a fan of Paradise Lost long enough to celebrate their return to the gothic death/doom metal sound heard on their earlier releases, but I can certainly appreciate how good it is. 2015’s The Plague Within was a great album that I didn’t give my full attention to because of the sheer numbers of good releases from that time, so I’ve been giving Medusa more spins to make up for it. For me, the opener “Fearless Sky” is the best track on the album, which is a good and bad thing. On the one hand, it gets me real pumped for the rest of the album. On the other, the best part of the album is already over at the start. That’s not meant to imply that the rest of the songs are subpar or anything: “The Longest Winter” is appropriately slow and hollow like a dead winter day and “Blood and Chaos” is a fairly upbeat doom song that mixes things up just a little bit. All songs feature chunky slabs of guitar riffs and, as always, fantastic cleans and growls from frontman Nick Holmes. But man, “Fearless Sky” is certainly going to be one of my favorite songs from this year overall.





I tried to finish the book It before the movie. That didn’t happen, but that’s okay. I’d gotten far enough into the book and the movie was different enough that it didn’t really spoil much. Besides, how was I going to pass up seeing the biggest horror movie of the year? The verdict: a great horror movie, but with a few flaws I can’t help but mention.

First off, I think keeping the film focused on the the kids instead of trying to splice in the adult timeline was a good idea. There’s certain things that just don’t transition from book to screen and balancing two timelines for seven characters is one of them. The kids in question are all great with Eddie, Richie, and Bev being the standouts. Bill Skarsgård is fantastic as Pennywise and should probably get used to doing roles with a whole load of makeup because he nails it. There’s blood and gore aplenty and many good jump scares, and even when you know a scare is coming clear as day the reveal will still prompt something akin to “Holy shit!” Above all else, the film nails the feeling of unity amongst the Losers and the toxic environment that is Derry. The latter is strengthened by the film’s the depiction of adults, who are appropriately absent, unkind, or otherwise creepy.

Much as I try to separate the book from the film, there were two things I couldn’t ignore. One is the treatment of the character Mike Hanlon (he’s the black kid). In the book, he’s very into Derry’s history and, as a result, the murders commits by It, which plays a huge part in the character’s adult years. In the film, they give the role of historian to Ben Hascom (he’s the fat kid). As a result, Mike is less interesting and Ben is not shown pursuing his career as an architect. It’s an odd change that, unfortunately, brings to mind the age old issue of short-changing the black character. The second issue is simply the matter of scare factor: the film just isn’t as scary as the book. This is all a matter of preference of course: I happen to like the more atmospheric horror that is done better in books while I’m sure plenty of people will declare It to be scary as hell. But I would say the film is less of the twisted psychological horror found in the book and more a monster flick.

It might sound like I’m just being a stuck up Stephen King fanboy, and maybe I am. But despite my criticism, I assure you that this is a good horror flick and one of the better Stephen King adaptations. You’ve probably already heard people raving about it, so there’s no reason not to watch it and get your horror fix.


Currently Reading:

It by Stephen King


As for the book reading department, I have maybe 400 something pages left I think? It still feels like I have so much left even though the visual thickness to the right of my bookmark says otherwise.


Currently Watching:

Sons of Anarchy Season 5

Outlander Season 2


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Darkest Dungeon (Mac)

Dishonored 2 (Xbox One)


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